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Piloting AIR CANADA Boeing 767-300ER from Calgary | Cockpit Views

After 38 years of service Air Canada operated its final Boeing 767 flight this week!
In 2009 our first Air Canada program featured the 767-300 on a flight to South America. Now 4 years and 10 programs later we return to the 767 so we can cover this airplane in Hi-Definition on Blu-ray along with cover our 1st ever cockpit flight to Hawaii! In addition we've included a flight to one of the world's favorite destinations : St Maarten!
Both Captains, which includes Air Canada's 767 Fleet Manager, along with their copilots will give you the most fantastic presentations from the moment they arrive in the office to prepare their flights to the moment their aircraft reaches the gate at the other end. Everything is explained to you in details so you can have a perfect idea of what it takes to fly a widebody over the Atlantic and the Pacific! You will enjoy approaches into several destinations filmed from fantastic angles showing both the pilots at work and the amazing scenery.

AIR CANADA 767-300 to HAWAII \u0026 ST MAARTEN Cockpit Film

AIR CANADA 767-300 to SOUTH AMERICA Cockpit Film





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아시아나 B767-300 김포 제주 탑승기

한달에 한번, 제주 출장에 이용한 아시아나항공의 B767-300 탑승기 입니다. 제주공항에 도착해서 일 보고 1시간 후 제주를 떠났습니다. 빨리 이 난국을 극복해서 제주에 바람쐬러 가는 날이 왔으면 좋겠습니다. 건강 조심하시고 힘내세요!

0:40 "개짖는 소리 좀 안나게 해라!!" 입니다.
원본 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5DefZI_tTE

Trip Report |

Asiana Airlines OZ8967
From : Seoul / Gimpo
To : Jeju
Flight Date : Mar. 2020.
Flight Time : 0h 50m
Departure Time : 14:50
Arrival Time : 16:00
Miles : 280
Aircraft : A767-300 HL7514
Booking Class : Economy
Camera : Samsung Galaxy Note9, Sony X3000
Music : Ephidemic Sound

[4K] *VERY RARE* Delta B767-400 (N830MH) Landing and Take-off at Groningen Airport Eelde

Very Rare visitor at Groningen Airport Eelde! This Delta B767-400 is the second B767 ever which visited Groningen Airport! It came to pick up the US soldiers which were in Holland for the Frisian Flag which is an international air force practice! The Delta B767 came from New York and departed to Duluth! It was standing at the apron for 2 hours with passengers onboard and doors closed, there was an issue and they had to call to the headquarters in Atlanta! After this they departed to the USA!

Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN): 29701
Line Number: 803
Aircraft Type: Boeing 767-400
Delivered: Sep 2000
Age: 18.6 Years
Configuration: C40Y206
Engines: 2x CF6-80
Production Site: Everett (PAE)

Date: April 13th, 2019
Airport: Eelde
Runway: 05
Camera: Sony FDR-AX33

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