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PCIe Architecture: Lecture-1

This video explains the following in the PCIe Protocols
Introduction to PCIe Protocols
Concepts like lane, link, initialization, differential signal, throughput.
PCIe Topology, various components ( Root Complex, End Point ( Legacy End point, Native End Point), Switch etc.
PCIe architecture in terms of logical layers.
Three layers ( transaction layer, link layer and Physical layer).
Task of each layer
Logical Packet flow inside PCIe controller
Johnson Caul : Very nice explanation. This lecture were telling on LinkedIn for 10k rupees.
Saiphani Kumar Gonugunta : Good Job sir, very nice explanation. could you please provide notes link which you prepared soft copy of this video, it will be more beneficial. Thank you very much
Krishnan Shankar : very nice presentation ,...can we get your notes as a pdf or ppt?...Thanks a lot
Dinesh Kumar : Hi, Thanks for the video... well explained. I am working on PCIe IP at SoC level and I have topics to be clarified on pcie. is there any Linkedin/google groups available?? so that doubts can be discussed in detail. Thanks.
Tanveer Hussain : very nice
Ramakrishna Chintha : some topic are missing like transport layer and data link layer and physical layer please upload this topic ........please
Sandeep Kulkarni : Hi, Thanks for the detailed video. Can i get the document made by you while you were explaining this? It would be very helpful for us to read all information at one place.
Ali Hamidreza Nobakht Irani : summary & useful Bravo!
Polu Ajay : Which pcie generation you took in this video sir ..
Darshan Bangalore Satyamurthy : Would have loved to listen to basics of LTSSM states too.

Explaining PCIe Slots

PCIe slots are used to connect graphics cards, sound cards, other interface cards and some SSDs to PC motherboards. This video explains everything you need to know about PCIe slots, including PCIe slot sizes, lanes, versions and compatibility. Also included is a quick history of motherboard expansion slots from ISA to PCIe.

The video I mention at the end about PC motherboards is now uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sewt2pqc3us

You may be interested in some of my other shows on PC hardware, including:

SSD Life Expectancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XZNr7mS0iw

WD Black NVMe SSD (which explains NVME \u0026 M.2 in addition to reviewing this particular drive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvHUVcgo8xY

More videos on computing and related topics can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingcomputers

And I have another YouTube channel called ExplainingTheFuture at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingthefuture

#PCIe #PCIeSlots #ExplainingComputers
Soumyadeep Koley : Excellent video
barbarian zg : Sooo,can I put pcie 3.0 card into a pcie 1.0 slot? I think it's 1.0..mbord is fsb1333
City Advertising : Hallo sir. I Help Install windows 10 Pro To NVMe m.2 Sdd Adapter for dell T5610 you have free vedio full install
kasyap ivaturi : Wonderful brother...
Øystein Nystad :
St. John Westly : Hi i just subscribe..very informative video..i been planning to upgrade my old pc a dell core i5 5th gen to a newer video card gtx1050ti right now it doesnt have video card because its onboard vcard. Will you tell me if its possible. Btw my mobo is v2kx3.tnx
Zephairein : Do the pcie 1x share bandwidth with the pcie16x if you have plug stuff into both
Eric Kim : This video is very well put together. Even my cat would understand what PCIe slots are for.
TEHSTINK : Essentially free lectures, I'm sad I didn't find this channel sooner.
Search4TruthReality : Excellent presentation...answered my questions...thank you. My first PC was a used IBM XT - Learned DOS on it. Today, I'm shopping around for replacement for my ten year old Intel XEON Workstation...for professional video editing. Whilst researching components and systems, I'd come across PCIe terminology I didn't recognize -- lanes. Anyhow, thanks again. Your presentation was superb.

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شكرا علي المشاهدة...
Andrew Ashraf : مش ال m.2 ده مدخل افضل من ال pcie3؟
Andrew Ashraf : معلش سؤال مش ال m.2 ده مدخل تانى ؟ او slot تانى قصدى ؟
0i_ka : طيب وش يعني SLOT 1 ' 2 ' 3 ' 4 في المذر بورد
Ahmed Boujlga : السلام عليكم شرح ممتاز وجميل
عندي dell optiplex 7040 و به pcie x16 3.0 لكن المشكلة به طاقة اقل
هل يمكنني تشغيل بطاقة ك gtx 750 ti بواسطة باور سبلاي تاني موصل ب gpu فقط.يعني استعمال 2باور سبلاي واحد للمدربورد و الثاني ل gpu
ما ادري وش اسمي نفسي ا : شباب الحين انا اشتريت كارت ٢٠٧٠ سوبر وش البي سي اي المناسب
بحب الله نحيا : هل ممكن عند تلف ايسي ال pcie تعمل المازربورد عادي
Football Youtube \\ كورة يوتيوب : البورده اللى معايا pci x1 و عايز اركب عليها sata card لل SSD اجيب اى حاجه و لا فى حاجه معينه ، اتمنى ترد عليا بخصوص الموضوع ده لانه هيفرق ، أو تعمل فيديو جديد توضح فيه بشكل أكبر بخصوص كل كارت و انت تنصح بايه حتى مع البورده القديمه من جيجا بايت أو الاستيراد . ، وجزاك الله كل خير و بالتوفيق
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عبد الله الساري : ولا فهمت شي




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